Dupes Selkie

12 Dupes For The Selkie Dress : Puff, Ritz, Day

Selkie has become quite the popular dress with their signature puff sleeve and petti coat design. Their dresses are made from either organza, silk or cotton with their three signature dresses being the puff, ritz and day dress. Prices for these dresses start from $200 and go up to $500.

While the puff dress features a circle skirt design, the ritz dress is more like a ball gown with a ruffled hem and is meant to sweep against the floor. The day dress features a corset construction with a curve hugging design and delicate seams down the length of the skirt.

Here are some dupes that are that priced similar or much lower to the selkie dress

Selkie Puff Dress Dupes:

1: SHEIN Petite Tie Dye Square Neck Puff Sleeve Organza Dress – $19

2: Etsy pink puff babydoll dress – $32

3: ZESICA Boho Summer Square Neck Puff Sleeve Dress – $44

4: Lulus A Day in Paris Light Blue Square Neck Puff Sleeve Babydoll Dress – $69

Selkie Ritz Dress Dupes:

1: Xjizu Long Puffy Sleeve Ball Gown – $96 (Amazon)

2: Etsy Purple Floral Organza Dress  – $383

3. Yuxin Puffy Sleeve Flower Embroidery Tulle Party Gown – $79.99 (Amazon)

4: Fanciest Vintage Puffy Sleeve Prom Dress Ball Gown – $79.99 (Amazon)

Selkie Day Dress Dupes:

1: Zesica Bohemian Summer Plaid Square Neck Puff Sleeve Dress – $39 (Amazon)

2: Emerson Linen-Blend Puff Sleeve Midi Dress – $120

3: Melloday Floral Puff Sleeve Poplin Dress – $79

4: Definitely Delightful Navy Lurex Tiered Puff Sleeve Midi Dress – $79