7 Dupes For The Mac Cork Lip Liner

Mac Cork

The mac cork is a nice lip liner with its deep rich color that blends well with lighter shades. It is a bit pricy though and there have been some complaints about it being quite waxy. Below is a list of some of the dupes you can get for the mac cork.

1. Nyx Toast

The nyx toast is a lip liner that blends really well and has good pigmentation. It’s definitely a bit lighter than the mac cork.

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2. Nyx Nude Truffle

The nyx nude truffle has a nice brown color and is probably closer to the mac cork than the nyx toast

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3. Colourpop Bff Pencil 2

The colourpop bff pencil 2 has good pigmentation and long lasting power with a nice pop of brown and you will probably find this to be warmer than the mac cork.

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4. Morphe Tourmaline Soul

The morphe tourmaline soul is supposed to be inspired by gemstones and crystals and features a lip liner as well as a lip gloss.

5. Nars Dance Fever

The nars dance fever has a velvety matte finish with a rose brown color

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6. Kylie Cosmetics Iced Latte

Kylie Cosmetics iced latte lip liner is supposed to be cruelty free and vegan and is lighter than the mac cork

7. Huda Warm Brown

The Huda Beauty Warm Brown is a creamy and soft lip liner with a rich brown color and works well with a lighter lipstick.