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The 8 Best Self Tanners At Ulta

Which Self Tanner At Ulta Should You Buy? Ulta has a whole selection of self tanners available whether you’re looking for a lotion, mousse, spray or even wipes and they all come in varying types and shades. So which should you choose? In this article, we look at the best self tanners available at Ulta …


Loewe Puzzle Bag – Review And Buying Guide

Size And Construction: Sizes: The sizes the Loewe puzzle bag comes in are mini, small, medium and largeMaterial: Calf, buffalo calf, smooth calf, Nappa, pearlized calfColors: Brown, black, yellow, grey, white, blue, red, beige, tan, green Price: The price can vary between $1300 and $3000 depending on the size, pattern and whether the product is …


The 7 Best Chanel Perfumes For Women

Chanel is one of the most iconic brands out there when it comes to women’s fashion and beauty and I’m sure 9/10 women out there would love to own a Chanel product whether it’s their exquisite perfume or one of their beautiful clothing pieces. This article won’t be focused on what the most affordable Chanel …