Blundstone Chelsea Boot Review And Buying Guide

Blundstones are a pretty popular boot in Australia and recently they have also become quite popular in the United States and Canada. These boots have a very neutral/unisex look and they can be used for regular use or even hiking as they can be worn just about anywhere. You can wear these boots on the road,  in the mud,  dirt, sand, and even in the snow.   The  Blundstone Chelsea boot comes in 6 different versions,  original,  classic, dress,  thermal, heeled and active.

Blundstone Original Chelsea Boot:

The original Chelsea boot also known as the Blundstone 500 features a TPU outsole and water resistant leather as well as a removable footbed. It doesn’t have any lacing but has some elastic material on the sides which makes it easy to slip on and slip off. The boot also features a very soft foam midsole which makes it quite comfortable to wear. These boots are stylish but they also offer a lot of functionality. You can wear these in the summer as they don’t get very warm but you can also wear them with thick socks in the winter.  The boot pictured here has the stout brown color but you could also go with the chelsea 510 which is the same as the 500 but has a black color and is quite popular.

How long do they take to break in?

The length of time that these shoes take to break in does seem to vary from person to person. Some people say that the boots are a little stiff at first and they take a couple of days to a week or two to break in while others seem to find that it is comfortable right from the start.

How long do Blundstones last?

Most people who have bought these boots say that they will last you at least 6 to 8 years with daily wear.

What about sizing?

From what I’ve read about Blundstone sizing, the half sizes increase only the width while the full size increases both the length and width. So, a jump from size 7 to 7.5 will only increase the width of the boot whereas a jump from size 7 to 8 will increase both the width and length of the boot.

On Amazon, for the Blundstone 500, 68 % of users said it was true to size while 17% felt it was large and the remaining 14% felt it was small in size.

Blundstone Classic Chelsea Boot:

These are also known as the Blundstone 550 and they are actually very similar to the Blundstone 500 with a few differences. While the 550 is fully lined and has leather lining at the heel and synthetic lining at the forefoot, the 500 only has leather lining at the heel and nothing at the forefoot. Due to the extra lining, the 550 will be a bit warmer to wear. The 550 also has a thicker insole and more room in the instep compared to the 500 and the leather on the 550 also seems to be of a better quality. And finally, the 550 has double stitching at the heel while the 500 only has single stitching and the tread pattern is also different between the two shoes. The Blundstone chelsea 585 is also another popular boot which is pretty much exactly the same as the 550 but comes in a rustic brown color.

For the Blundstone 550 sizing, 75% of users on amazon said it was true to size, 14% said it was small and 11% said it was large.

Blundstone Thermal Chelsea Boot:

Unlike the 500  and 550  series which have water resistant leather,  the Blundstone Chelsea thermal features fully waterproof leather and it also has a Thinsulate lining on the inside which helps trap heat in and keeps moisture out. On the inside, there is also a removable footbed made from sheepskin fleece which further helps with the insulation. Other than that it has the same TPU outsole as the 500 and 550 as well as the SPS Max system with XRD technology. If you haven’t heard about thinsulate, they are fibers that are thinner than polyester fibers and hence denser and they can trap more air molecules which leads to better insulation. Thinsulate is also known to provide one and half times the warmth of down feather considering equal thickness of material used.

When it comes to sizing for the Blundstone thermal boots, 69% of users on amazon said it was true to size, 17% said it was large and 14% said it was small.

Blundstone High Top Boots:

These shoes are a little difficult to get in and get out of at first and they can be quite tight around the ankles but after they break in they become a bit looser. People with high arches also seem to prefer this style of boot compared to the other Blundstones as the high tops don’t have the seam along the middle of the top of the boot. I’ve also seen a few people say that this boot has high arch support but I’m not sure if that is actually true. The boot pictured here is the Blundstone 1448 in voltan black

For the Blundstone high top boots sizing, 62% of users on amazon said it was true to size, 27% said it was large and 11% said it was small.

Blundstone Chelsea Dress Boots:

The Blundstone chelsea dress boots are quite stylish and are a bit tight to get in but they offer a snug fit. Also, unlike the other styles, these boots have a square toe box. The boot pictured here is the Blundstone 1309 in redwood color but the 1306 in rustic brown is also quite popular.

For the Blundstone dress boots sizing, 62% of users on amazon said it was true to size, 27% said it was large and 11% said it was small.

Blundstone Chelsea Heeled Boots:

This is a very stylish and good looking boot however one issue that a lot of people have with this boot is that the top opening in these boots is quite small so it is probably more suited to someone with thin ankles. These boots go well with jeans or a dress. The boot pictured here is the Blundstone 1671.

For the Blundstone heeled boots sizing, 68% of users on amazon said it was true to size, 30% said it was small and only 2% said it was large.

Blundstone Chelsea Active Boots:

The active series Chelsea boots feature a flexible  EVA ( Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate)  sole instead of a TPU one, a removable footbed, and rubber inserts on the sole.

Blundstone women’s heeled chelsea boot / Blundstone 1671

Blundstone women’s high tops / Blundstone 1448

Blundstone women’s chelsea dress boot / Blundstone 1306

Blundstone active chelsea boot / Blundstone 1496