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Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag – Review And Buying Guide

Size And Construction:

Sizes: The cassette bag comes in only one size although there are five versions of the bag
Material: 100% calfskin, 100% lambskin, or a mix of lambskin and brass
Colors:  The padded cassette bag comes in 13 colors, the chain cassette in 10 colors, the original cassette bag in 16 colors, the belt cassete bag in 5 colors and the cassette case bag in 2 colors
Price: You can get the padded tech cassette bag for $1290, the cassette belt bag for $1890, the original cassette bag for around $1900, the padded cassette bag for $2800, the padded cassette bag with the chain for $3800, and the cassette case bag for $3590. However, if you live in the European Union, you can get it slightly cheaper.


The Bottega Veneta cassette bag was introduced by designer Daniel Lee during Bottega Veneta’s fall 2019 collection. The bag is based on Bottega’s signature intrecciato weave design and is made from nappa leather, with the padded version in particular featuring big chunky pillowy squares. The cassette bag comes in 5 different versions with each version featuring only one size but different colours of course.

Padded Cassette Bag :

Padded cassette bag in 100% lambskin
Padded cassette bag in 100% calfskin
Padded cassette bag open view

This is the most popular version of the bag and for good reason, it has the best look and feels great to touch with its soft luxurious pillowy leather and it also has a beautiful triangle piece with “bottega veneta” written on it which adds a lot of style to the bag. This is more of a fall/winter bag and would go great with long coats but you could wear this in the summer as well and it would be well suited with warm colors. The bag itself does not feature any branding other than the wording on the triangle piece and this does give it a unique touch considering everything we own today has some sort of branding that’s more often than not right in your face. However, the lack of branding may not be to everyone’s liking. The closing mechanism on this bag also isn’t exactly the best as it requires you to pull it down a bit to close it. The padded cassette bag is available in either 100% lambskin or 100% calfskin or 90% lambskin and 10% brass.

What can you fit inside it?

Even though the padded cassette bag is like a small-medium bag, there isn’t exactly a whole lot of space inside it due to the thick leather material. Even so, you can fit like your phone, keys, a small wallet, a small lotion bottle, a pack of chewing gum and a small water bottle.

Padded Cassette Chain Bag :

Padded cassette chain bag in gold finish
Padded cassette chain bag in silver finish

This bag is pretty much exactly like the padded cassette bag except that it has a big chunky top handle chain and a longer chain as well. The chains come in either a gold or silver finish and this bag too comes in either 100% lambskin or calfskin.

Cassette Bag:

This bag isn’t as thick as the padded cassette bag but its dimensions are also smaller and it does not have that pillowy look . Also unlike the padded version, it does not come with chains but only a shoulder strap and it does not feature the triangle piece either. This comes in either 100% lambskin or a mix of lambskin and brass.

Belt Cassette Bag:

Belt cassette bag
Belt cassette bag open view

This bag is smaller in size than the chain cassette and features a nappa interior along with a belt strap that has 15 holes and a pin fastening. It also has an interior flat pocket.

Padded Tech Cassette Bag:

Padded Tech Cassette Bag

This bag is made from 100% nylon and features a detachable interior zipped pocket and an adjustable padded shoulder strap. This is of course the cheapest cassette bag you can get as it is the only cassette bag that does not have any leather.

Cassette Case Bag:

Cassette Case Bag

This tote bag is the biggest cassette bag you can get and is made from 100% calfskin. It features a zip closure, top handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, and also has a detachable interior zipped pocket.


Padded Cassette Bag: 18 x 26 x 8 (Height x width x depth in cm)

Padded Chain Cassette Bag: 18 x 26 x 8

Cassette Bag: 15 x 23 x 5.5

Belt Cassette Bag: 9.5 x 17.5 x 5

Padded Tech Cassette: 15 x 30 x 7.5

Cassette Case bag: 28 x 36 x 5


Belt Cassette Bag : 831

Cassette Bag : 1897

Padded Tech Cassette: 3375

Padded Cassette bag: 3744

Padded Chain Cassette bag: 3744

Cassette Case Bag: 5040

The volume listed here is only based on the height, width and depth measurements, so keep in mind that if the material is thicker then the interior volume is going to be lower. The Cassette bag has 228% of the volume of the belt cassette bag while the padded cassette bag has 197% of the volume of the cassette bag and the cassette case bag has 134% of the volume of the padded cassette bag.

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