urban decay

Urban Decay’s Stoned Vibes eyeshadow palette is what you need to get that glowing look

Although only recently launched,  the urban decay stoned vibes eyeshadow palette has become quite popular,  with a number of influencers and YouTubers posting tutorials on how to apply this palette. Let’s take a look at this palette and what it offers.

Packaging of the product is very nice and the top part of the box comes with a beautiful crystal like 3D effect. Inside the box, there are 4 matte shades and 8 shimmering shades. The 4 matte colors are good karma,  antidote,   hexed and third eye while the 8 shimmering shades are jade, opal aura, tiger’s eye, vibes, bloodstone, ojo, raw energy and meditate. Urban Decay says that their stoned vibes palette is cruelty free and vegan but it is still a bit pricey at $54.

People who have used this product say that there is very little to no fallout and the colors are very pigmented. Also, while using this palette, it is advisable to use the shimmering shades with your fingers rather than a brush as it doesn’t pick up all that well with a brush and can be quite crumbly. The mattes in this palette compliment the shimmery colors very well and they do help intensify the overall look. You can also use the mix of shades in this palette to create a look that would be great for festivals and concerts apart from just regular wear. Keep in mind though that all these shades shift in the light so it is going to look different inside than when you are outside.

In the video above, ThatSoYin sported three different looks with the stoned vibes palette. In the first look she used Good karma, antidote, hexed and tiger’s eye; in the second, Bloodstone, third eye, meditate and bloodstone again, and the last one was a combination of Hexed, opal aura, ojo, and third eye. The opal aura in that last look really added a lot of brightness and helped give her that glowing look. But personally, I liked the first one with the tiger’s eye the best.

Here is a look by Angela with the stoned vibes palette where she used antidote, hexed, tiger’s eye, bloodstone, and third eye to give her that kind of a smoky look.

Below are a few more looks done with the stoned vibes eyeshadow.

This look above has been done with the urban decay primer potion and their stoned vibes palette